Month: December 2016

The Top 5 E-Juices With A High VG Content HEALTHY CHOICE

If you’re looking for e-juices with a high VG content, look no further! Of course, you can look through dozens of e-cig and e-juice suppliers. You can look through hundreds of flavors to see what the VG content is. You can search reviews and look all over the internet for information about the VG content. But, you want to save time and money – we want you to as well. So, let us do all that research for you, turning up the high VG content e-juices that you’re looking for.

e-cigarettes with different re-fill bottles close upMilkman E-liquids have a great rating for having premium flavored e-juices. The “Churrios” flavor is one of the best tasting e-liquids on the market. Anyone who uses e-cigs should try this flavor at least once. But along with being a delicious flavor at a reasonable price, Milkman E-liquids offer a high VG content in all of their flavors. These bottles are 30ml at a cost of $18, making them a great deal for anyone.

Another great-deal is the Mr. Good Vape selection. Particularly the “Moon Sugar” flavor. It has a high VG content, at 80%. The cost is fairly reasonable at $11.99 for the 16.5 ml bottles. This is an interesting flavor, combining the taste of graham crackers and sugar cookies. It leans more towards those with a sweet tooth, but it’s definitely worth trying if you’re a frequent e-cig user.

Mount Baker Vapor offers all of their premium flavors of e-juice at a high VG option. In fact, they offer both 80% VG and a max VG content. There’s a wide assortment of flavors that will work for any taste buds. The cost is only $7.49 for a bottle of 30ml. So, you can see why it’s safe to try these flavors. It’s also beneficial that the high VG content is universal across their delicious flavors.

Cloud Science is another highly reviewed e-juice flavor. It has a high VG percentage and a flavor that delivers a smooth consistency. The price is $22 for a 30ml bottle, which makes it average to the other companies. Again, this flavor in particular leans more towards those with a sweet tooth, but there are other e-juice flavors by Teleos that may catch your fancy!tank

Cloud Chasers Inc. has a variety of different flavors, each with a high VG content. They cater to cloud chasers, who require high VG content in order to succeed. This VG content is universal across all of their e juice flavors.

One of the biggest benefits to using e-cigs is the flavor selection. So when it comes to a high VG content, you want to find a company that offers it universally. You don’t want to carefully read the labels of each bottle to find the VG content differs from flavor to flavor. You want all your premium e-juices to have a high VG content. This is why we’ve taken the time to mention the companies that offer their high VG universally. After all, we want to save you time! That being said, Mt. Baker Vapor has an e-juice called “100% VG”. Although this VG content isn’t universal to their other flavors, it’s worth checking out if you want high VG content.