Bulgarian Perl Workshop 2010

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What BG Perl is

The second Bulgarian Perl Workshop takes place on 30th of January (Saturday), 2010 in Sofia. There were the first one a year ago, and it was a success; we'd like to make it again.

We start at 11:00.

There are lots of Perl events in the world, and lots of them are grassroots events, that is low cost of even free. More than 100 of them already past. The time is to host the first ever Perl event in Bulgaria.

Attendance is free. To join the workshop, please register here on the website.


If you’d like to take a look into the classification of Perl events, there are several of them: the smallest is a meeting of PM-group (a group of Perl folks located in the city), then comes a workshop which usually gathers people from the nearest cities or countries, and the biggest event is a conference, namely YAPC (Yet another Perl conference).


Our workshop is in Sofia, and that means that people from other places of Bulgaria are very welcome. Foreign guests are desired a lot.


Official language of the workshop is Bulgarian, and we accept talks in English as well.

As you may note, this website is in English. Next time it will be in Bulgarian also: if you would be so kind to translate the file with string resources, please let us know.


Perl events are not only about listening to the speakers. If you are good in Perl, please become the speaker. If you are afraid of a full-length talk, prepare a five-minute lightning talk. Here is some information of what you may speak about:

Our wiki page: How to prepare a lightning talk?

To submit a talk or lightning talk, fill in the form.

Additional information: What are Lightning Talks?, Giving Lightning Talks.


If you desire to support Perl and its unique community, consider sponsoring the event. Your logotype will appear on the website; more options may be discussed individually.


Find us at Sofia University, French Culture Institute, 3rd floor.

Venue address is Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Търсите Франкофонския Център. Намира се на етаж 5 до паричния салон.


We have been organizing Perl events since 2007. Here is a map of workshops and conferences organized by us in 7 countries covering the distance of 10 000 kilometers.

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